NSTC begins its 2017 season on January 10th (Tuesday) and 12th (Thursday) with open auditions (6-8:30 pm) for actors, ages 10 and up.  No preparation is necessary for auditions.  We invite you to make new friends as  we  play games, read play selections, try some really easy dance moves and sing.  Here are the roles  available for this season’s productions:


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The Awesome 80’s Prom  (Feb.  16-25)  for experienced actors, 9 female, 9 male ages 16 or older.  Use your improv skills to create a character from high school who is attending the Prom – but it’s 1980 so you’ll need to brush up on your trivia.  Cast interacts with the audience who are also attending the prom.

You Can’t Take It With You (March 30-April 2) for teens, 8 female, 8 males  who will create unique character portrayals.  Join the wacky Sycamore family and their house guests in this Pulitzer Prize play from 1933.  

Madagasar: A Musical Adventure (May 4-7) features 4 adults and 24 tweens/teens (ages 10 and up) who enact the story of curious animals who escape the zoo to explore the world.  Lots of fun characters!

Into the Woods (June 14-25) Lots of fairy tale character parts for teens and  adults (13 females, 9 males).  This is a non-traditional telling of some well known tales with lots of singing.

Cinderella (August 2-13) This Children’s Theater Company version casts 3 females, 4 males and an ensemble in a humorous retelling  of Cinderella’s story.  Ages 15 and up.  

A World War 2 Radio Christmas (December 13-17) 4 women and 4 men (teens and up) bring a Christmas show to the troops overseas in 1940 in a live radio broadcast.  The cast creates sound effects live on stage with items that were available in 1940.  



kad_kids_full_4cAuditions for the KidsOnStage production, The Knight at Dawn, are scheduled for Tuesday, January 17th at 6pm.  KidsOnStage serves ages 6-10.  “Kids” should be accompanied by a parent/adult.


Actors are not required to prepare anything for auditions. We will provide materials for the audition process.  To be reminded of our auditions, “Like” us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram or Twitter or sign up for our mailing list.